Meet Martina

I have done my first training at the age of sixteen to lead youth groups.
After this training and some books I read, my only thought was : “how can I change my thinking to be even more happy and to stay healthy”.
During my training as a computer scientist, and also during my professional career in this area, I have repeatedly occupied myself with this topic. I started using the insights I have gained in my working environment and for myself.
After the birth of my 2nd child I completed an extensive training as a healer in America and worked another 2 years in the United States and moved back to France in 2005. Since, I have extended my knowledge also through trainings in France and Germany, to be able to comprehensively advise and treat others. More information about my work can be found in coaching.

We constantly learn , because our life is always changing. We all have a hidden potential and together, we can explore it ! I wish you a fulfilling and happy life.